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Spiritual Quest for Wisdom & Truth

Spiritual Quest for Wisdom & Truth

Where did my spiritual quest for wisdom, truth, and guidance begin?

peace lotusMy name is Julie. I wrote this article to share how my spiritual quest for wisdom started. We all have our story and I’m sure many who visit this site may have had similar experiences.  I hope this article helps you if you have an interest in any of these topics shared on this blog.

I was raised in the Catholic faith from birth to graduation from school. Starting at the young age of three I enjoyed a rich spiritual experience of imaginary playmates, as many children do.  Of course, at that age, I didn’t have a spiritual quest for truth yet.

spiritual quest

I can remember those “imaginary” playmates very well and yet am now in my fifties. I laugh because I remember having long conversations with some of them, at the age of three and four.

Over the years, primarily through reading books, I have learned of the many spiritual nature kingdoms that exist on the Earth.

The inhabitants of England and the ancient islands of antiquity have many tails of interacting with fairies, gnomes, and many other interesting creatures.

I believe now that children especially are much more open to seeing the higher planes of life from an early age. Most adults simply think the children are experiencing great imaginations.

Theosophy, for example, in its vast realm of shared knowledge has taught extensively on the subject of the spiritual gifts and abilities some have to see higher spiritual planes that intertwine with our own here on Earth.


This blog will focus on interesting and thought stimulating books and subjects you may find valuable as tools to explore to determine if these things are real. If you find yourself having had or still have these experiences, you are not alone.

If you have or still do experience these types of spiritual things, you are not crazy and you have a right to express your feelings.  There are many others like you in the world and now there is enough freedom in most places on Earth to voice our opinions without being put in a mental institution, tortured and killed as many have been in the past.

fairy cartoonPerhaps those “imaginary” playmates were spirit beings or guides communicating with me?

It was intriguing to me and it was enough to start me on a spiritual quest. The experiences brought such comfort and joy to me.

Being raised in the Catholic faith, no validity or acknowledgment was given to such experiences and my other family members gave them no credibility.

It wasn’t popular to talk about these experiences and I found ridicule or teasing was most likely the end result from my peers. Although I must admit, I felt the presence of God in the church and knew instinctively that a little truth is found everywhere.

The subjects taught about the Saints in catechism were very interesting to me.  It was as though I had heard them before somehow. I was inspired by these great people who sacrificed and gave so much love, literally putting their lives on the line.

Dream World

Having a very rich dream life, I often felt the guidance and companionship of others in the spirit realm of sleep. I would bring those experiences back with me in the waking state and they meant a lot to me and were very comforting.

I was very fortunate to have a mother that was very accepting of my experiences which helped tremendously. This opened my mind and provided spiritual food for thought and growth. She was an avid reader and loved to explore and share spiritual topics with me later on in her life after she stepped outside superstition, fear, and confining dogma enough.

Two books my mother shared with me sparked my interest especially.  One book was shared when I was a teenager. This one spoke of reincarnation and it fascinated me and made total sense.


This book was

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