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Universal Spiritual Laws – The Magic of Letting God Flow Through You

Universal Spiritual Laws – The Magic of Letting God Flow Through You

Universal Spiritual Laws – wisdom shared by an Ascended Master: 

This fantastic passage from the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East is a lesson worth learning in my opinion.  I believe an important concept is being shared in this passage about Universal Spiritual laws that may apply to All humanity, if they only accept it’s possible. 

Spirit in motion symbolically

Holding on to truth: I feel it’s human nature for humanity to want to hold on to wisdom they have gained and not share it with others.  In my experience I have to ask myself, how many times have I heard a great truth and then held onto it like a cherished possession? However, when the wisdom one is attuning to and learning is not main stream it becomes even more of a challenge to share it because those you share it with must be ready to understand the wisdom.  How many in this day and age are ready for the concepts shared in this passage and want to consider it a possibility? 

Let God and Wisdom Flow:  Master Emil makes a wonderful and, I feel, valid point in these paragraphs from the book. The point is, when one contacts God’s ideas if one doesn’t share them with others, one doesn’t receive the benefit from the learning. One is not capable of learning more.  In this passage of the book, Master Emil shares an allegorical lesson about receiving God’s energy and ideas like a water wheel receives water. He speaks of sharing this with others and not holding on to it or being silent. In this example he compares stagnant, inert water in a water pitcher like those who hold on to truth and keep trying to receive without pouring it out of the pitcher.  He asks what happens if we neglect to let the energy and wisdom flow freely from us.  

The challenge: It’s a challenge to give to others when they don’t want to know or receive what we are trying to share. We have to be careful not to interfere in others free will choices and yet be optimistic to share with those who want to know. Humanity is not quick to accept new ideas. If one is close minded and not open to new concepts and new universal spiritual laws or ideas that is their prerogative.  I feel we must respect their choice.  On the other hand, I feel it’s also important keep our wits intact and not be easily fooled or gullible either. In the end one should take such matters in to meditation and consider them, doing inner and outer research and then come to solid conclusions. 

When Jesus spoke in the bible, “Matthew 18:3 KJV: And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.  I think this reference meant we need to be open minded and not set in our beliefs so much so that we close off to consider new concepts.  This is how we grow as soul consciousness in my opinion.  Little children are open and receptive to new ideas, God’s ideas.  We as adults would be wise in my opinion to follow this advice. 

be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven

A man of Advanced years: I also love the reference to the age of Master Emil being a man of advanced years. In this book Master Emil is an Ascended Master and yet the author takes a long time to be convinced of the truth being conveyed to him by a Master even though he is seeing this so called miracle with his own eyes.  The intellect of the scientist Baird T. Spalding gets in the way.  In our American society, which is so caught up in appearances, science and technology we are hard to convince of the anything new that is not believed by the  majority, especially something taboo like the paranormal.  Yet the Bible is full of paranormal and supernatural occurrences.  Regarding Emils age, Baird T. Spalding has set beliefs about age, like many in our society. The young often think the old are incapable.  We as a society set precedents or hold strong and fast to our learned beliefs.  For example many believe the elderly are not capable of contributing much of anything.  In my experience, if someone has a firm set belief they will not budge or consider a new idea even if it can be proven to them with their own eyes,  just like Baird T. Spalding who saw the truth with his own eyes. 

Universal Spiritual Laws: The Ascended Masters blow those social norms out of the water with their Infinite intelligence. In this quote below from the Life and Teachings books Master Emil expresses that the Ascended Masters accept and know this truth as a normal occurrence in their lives.  Their understanding and concept of eternity and all things is unlimited.  Just imagine if humanity considered what he is saying a reality and implemented it.  Didn’t Jesus come to also teach us about the true immortal and unlimited nature of humanity with his Ascension?  Doesn’t this mean that we can also rise above the limited mortal nature?  If we only dared to, what will happen to us?  What would happen to our world and our own individual lives? 

universal spiritual laws

This is verbatim quote from the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding.

( Volume 1 page 5 and 6) For when an idea from God-mind has been contacted by one man and sent out through the spoken word, cannot one, or all, again contact that thought in the Universal? Because one has contacted the idea and sent it out, it does not follow that it is his particular possession. If he did appropriate and hold it, where would be room for receiving? To receive more we must give out what we have received. If we withhold what we receive, stagnation will follow and we will be like the wheel that generates power from the water and suddenly, of its own volition, begins to withhold the water which it is using. It will soon find itself stifled with inert water. It is only when the water is allowed to flow freely through that it is of value to the wheel to create power. Just so with man. When he contacts God’s ideas he must give them out in order to receive the benefit from them. He must allow all to do the same, that they may grow and develop as he is growing.


We arrived at the appointed village about four o’clock of the fifth day and there was Emil to greet us, as he had agreed. Can you imagine our amazement? We were quite certain we had come by the only traveled route and by the swiftest mode of locomotion in that country, except as the couriers go. They travel in relays and go night and day. Here was a man well advanced in years, as we thought, and one we felt would in nowise be able to negotiate a journey of ninety miles in less time than it required us to do the same—yet, here he was.


Of course we all tried to ask questions at once and were eager to hear. These were his words, “I said when you departed that I would be here to greet you—I am here. I wish to call your attention more fully to the fact that man in his right domain is limitless, knows no limit of time or space. Man, when he knows himself, is not obliged to toil wearily along for five days to accomplish ninety miles. Man in his right estate can accomplish any distance, it matters not the magnitude, instantly. A moment ago I was in the village from which you departed five days ago. What you saw as my body still reposes there.


Your associate, whom you left in that village, will tell you that, until a few moments before four o’clock, I conversed with him, stating that I would go to greet you as you would arrive here about this hour. What you saw as my body is still there and your associate still beholds it, although it is at present inactive. This was done simply to show you that we are able to leave our bodies and greet you at any appointed place, at any specified time. The two who accompanied you could have accomplished the journey as I have. In this way you will more readily realize that we are only ordinary humans of the same source as you; that there is no mystery but that we have developed the powers given all by the Father, the Great Omnipotent One, more fully than you have. My body will remain where it is until night, then I will bring it here and your associate will proceed on his way here as you did, arriving in due time. After a day’s rest we will journey to a small village, one day off, where we will tarry one night, then return here and meet your associate to see what his report will be. We will assemble this evening in the lodge. In the meantime, farewell.”


lifting ones spiritual vibration


In the evening, after we had assembled, Emil, without opening the door, suddenly appeared in our midst and said, “You have seen me appear in this room, as you would say, by magic. Let me say there is no magic about it. Here is a simple experiment which you can behold. You can see this, consequently you will believe. Kindly gather around so that you can see. We have a small glass of water which one of your number has just brought from the spring. You see that a minute particle of ice is forming in the very center of the water. You see it gather to itself, particle by particle, more ice, until now the whole of the water in the glass is frozen. What has happened? I held the central atoms of the water in the Universal until they became formed or, in other words, I lowered their vibrations until they became ice and all the other particles formed around them until the whole has become ice. You can apply this to the little glass, the tub, the pond, the lake, the sea, the whole mass of the water of the earth. What would happen? All would be frozen, would it not? To what purpose? None. You ask by what authority. I say by using a perfect law.


But in this case, to what end? Nothing, as no good has been accomplished or could be accomplished. Had I gone on determined to carry this out fully, what would have happened? The reaction. To whom? To me. I know the law and what I express returns to me as truly as I express it. Therefore, I express only the good and the good returns to me only as good. You can readily see that, had I persisted in the freezing, the cold would have reacted upon me long before I had accomplished the end and I would, in reaping the harvest of my desire, have been frozen. Whereas, if I express the good, I reap the harvest of my good eternally.”

Please let me know your thoughts and what you understood from reading this. Has it inspired you to seek greater spiritual aspirations of attainment?

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