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This is not the Mortal Self

This is not the Mortal Self

The Mortal Self:

I absolutely Love the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East books.  I gain inspiration with every paragraph I read.  It lifts me in to a higher attunement to Divine concepts and principles. 


Attuning to the Divine within and rising above the mortal self is a concept I feel helps us immensely here on Earth as we walk on the path of Truth Seeking.  

In Volume 1 of the series of books called the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding I was inspired by concepts on pages 12 and 13 and I quote:

Page 12 paragraph 1:

“We later found that the Masters are able to communicate with each other instantly by thought transference or, as they call it, a force much more subtle than either electricity or wireless.” 

thought transference

Page 12 – excerpts from paragraph 2:

(this is Baird T. Spalding narrating here) “After Master Emil parted two jackals that were fighting over the body of a smaller animal when he approached them they stopped fighting and put their heads in his outstretched hands in perfect trust, then they resumed their meal in quiet. 

He then said to me,  (this is Master Emil speaking here) “This is not the mortal self, the self you see, that is able to do these things. It is a truer, deeper self. It is what you know as God, God within me, God the Omnipotent One working through me, that does these things. Of myself, the mortal self, I can do nothing.

It is only when I get rid of the outer entirely and let the actual, the I AM, speak and work and let the great Love of God come forth that I can do these things that you have seen. When you let the Love of God pour through you to all things, nothing fears you and no harm can befall you.”

Lotus-flower with God quote

(this is Baird T. Spalding narrating here)  “I could not understand all his teachings and I could not accept them fully, nor was I able, with all I saw while in the East, to fully accept at the time. It required years of meditation to bring me the realization of the deep spiritual meaning of these people’s lives.

Their work is accomplished without ostentation and in perfect childlike simplicity. They know the power of love to protect them and they cultivate it until all nature is in love with them and befriends them. Thousands of the common people are killed annually by serpents and wild animals, yet these Masters have so brought forth the power of love in the wildest jungles, and sometimes lay their bodies down before a village to protect it from the ravages of wild animals, and no harm befalls the village or themselves.

When occasion requires they walk on water, go through fire, travel in the invisible, and do many other things that we have been accustomed to look upon as miracles performed only by one upposed in some way to possess supernatural powers.

going through fire

There is a striking resemblance between the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and those of these Masters as exemplified in their daily life. It has been thought impossible for man to derive his daily supply directly from the Universal, to overcome death and to perform the various so-called miracles that Jesus performed while on earth.

The Masters prove that all these are their daily life. They supply everything needed for their daily wants directly from the Universal, including food, clothing and money. They have so far
overcome death that many of them now living are over five hundred years of age, as was conclusively proved by their records.”

When I meditate and ponder the idea of my own mortal self, the pondering inspires me to attain greater heights.  I think about the concept of the immortal self. After all, we have been guided in these books to have a greater awareness and to know or realize we can rise above our limited or mortal self and reach enlightenment if we practice service to God by serving others.  I believe this is just one step in the right direction. 

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The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

Introducing “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.” 

I was introduced to this series of books entitled “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” in a bookstore as I perused the spiritual section. I was looking for more information about the Masters I had heard so much about when beginning my spiritual path.

The purpose of this short blog post is to give a brief overview of these very inspiring and uplifting books. 

The Life and Teachings of the Masters’ books were written by Baird T. Spalding. Contributions and experiences were made by his group of eleven other researchers and scientists, a part of a team of men who spent three and a half years traveling through the Himalayan mountains of the Far East in 1894.  

This research party was permitted to become closely involved and interactive in the lives of those who are called Masters.  These Masters were given this name out of reverence by the scientists because they demonstrated very highly evolved spiritual understanding and Mastery of great principles of life and love in action. 

The scientists kept diligent records of their experiences and journals and all records were preserved.  The first volume of a series of six books is an account of the experiences the scientists had in the first year of their expedition. 

In the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East books the Masters embrace the concept of Buddha representing the “Way to Enlightenment” but they also clearly explain their understanding of Christ.  Christ is said to be an enlightenment or “state of consciousness”. When looked at this way the door is opened for the Christ light to be in every person. 

This way of looking at Christ and Buddha was new to me. It was entirely refreshing, inspiring and spiritually stimulating. I was raised Catholic but always felt a tremendous love when I thought of the concept of Jesus Christ. I also felt, however, there was much more to the presence of Jesus and I didn’t fully understand the consciousness he emulated.  I wanted to understand it more.  I wanted to put it into words I could study and meditate on. 

In this book, these Masters share their understanding about both the Buddhist and Christ consciousness and do so in eloquent and demonstrative explanations. If you are interested in reading this here is a link to read it on your Kindle.  I don’t get anything from referring you to this link. 

I will be sharing quotes and concepts that I find inspiring with you and would love to hear your thoughts about these concepts. 


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Spiritual Quest for Wisdom & Truth

Spiritual Quest for Wisdom & Truth

Where did my spiritual quest for wisdom, truth, and guidance begin?

peace lotusMy name is Julie. I wrote this article to share how my spiritual quest for wisdom started. We all have our story and I’m sure many who visit this site may have had similar experiences.  I hope this article helps you if you have an interest in any of these topics shared on this blog.

I was raised in the Catholic faith from birth to graduation from school. Starting at the young age of three I enjoyed a rich spiritual experience of imaginary playmates, as many children do.  Of course, at that age, I didn’t have a spiritual quest for truth yet.

spiritual quest

I can remember those “imaginary” playmates very well and yet am now in my fifties. I laugh because I remember having long conversations with some of them, at the age of three and four.

Over the years, primarily through reading books, I have learned of the many spiritual nature kingdoms that exist on the Earth.

The inhabitants of England and the ancient islands of antiquity have many tails of interacting with fairies, gnomes, and many other interesting creatures.

I believe now that children especially are much more open to seeing the higher planes of life from an early age. Most adults simply think the children are experiencing great imaginations.

Theosophy, for example, in its vast realm of shared knowledge has taught extensively on the subject of the spiritual gifts and abilities some have to see higher spiritual planes that intertwine with our own here on Earth.


This blog will focus on interesting and thought stimulating books and subjects you may find valuable as tools to explore to determine if these things are real. If you find yourself having had or still have these experiences, you are not alone.

If you have or still do experience these types of spiritual things, you are not crazy and you have a right to express your feelings.  There are many others like you in the world and now there is enough freedom in most places on Earth to voice our opinions without being put in a mental institution, tortured and killed as many have been in the past.

fairy cartoonPerhaps those “imaginary” playmates were spirit beings or guides communicating with me?

It was intriguing to me and it was enough to start me on a spiritual quest. The experiences brought such comfort and joy to me.

Being raised in the Catholic faith, no validity or acknowledgment was given to such experiences and my other family members gave them no credibility.

It wasn’t popular to talk about these experiences and I found ridicule or teasing was most likely the end result from my peers. Although I must admit, I felt the presence of God in the church and knew instinctively that a little truth is found everywhere.

The subjects taught about the Saints in catechism were very interesting to me.  It was as though I had heard them before somehow. I was inspired by these great people who sacrificed and gave so much love, literally putting their lives on the line.

Dream World

Having a very rich dream life, I often felt the guidance and companionship of others in the spirit realm of sleep. I would bring those experiences back with me in the waking state and they meant a lot to me and were very comforting.

I was very fortunate to have a mother that was very accepting of my experiences which helped tremendously. This opened my mind and provided spiritual food for thought and growth. She was an avid reader and loved to explore and share spiritual topics with me later on in her life after she stepped outside superstition, fear, and confining dogma enough.

Two books my mother shared with me sparked my interest especially.  One book was shared when I was a teenager. This one spoke of reincarnation and it fascinated me and made total sense.


This book was

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