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A Spiritual Site for a Spiritual Quest

Spiritualism Leader

My name is Julie. I created this blog to reach out and connect with others of like mind. I have been involved in the spiritual quest and pursuit and study of spiritualism and spiritual development for over twenty-six years.

About the group:

This is an online blog and outreach at the moment.  However, over time, as I connect with more people who want to gather here locally in Las Vegas to connect I will be starting a monthly meetup group.  

Please get involved and share and comment on my blog posts. I’m reaching out to others who seek spiritual truth and want to reach out to connect. I would love to hear from you!

Spiritual Quest: The purpose of this group will inspire and uplift others who are on a spiritual path.  It’s for people who are searching for spiritual growth and connection with each other. To support and help each other grow spiritually. People who wish to gather should be the type of people who only want to base their learning on seeking God, whatever that means to them. 

The group seeks to facilitate a teaming together of like-minded spiritual people who want to work and develop inner peace, joy, and harmony and then stand for a cause higher than themselves.  The idea is to spread those qualities to uplift and send healing to the planet and humanity.

In this blog:

Blog articles will explore various types of spiritual development modalities such as the use of meditation, the power of thought and use of affirmation to change our lives, the art of visualization, the purpose of mediumship and spiritual psychic development, spiritualism, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Healing, and much more.

About the leader

I live in Las Vegas. I have been a spiritual person my entire life and over the years, primarily through reading books and associating with like-minded spiritual people as well, I have learned a lot. I became an online ordained Minister in 1996, however, I really consider myself to be a spiritual leader. I have learned and continue learning spiritual truths and concepts. I embrace meditation and visualization techniques and the use of other positive spiritual modalities only rooted in the light and God for over 26 years.

I have learned a lot in my studies throughout the years. Now I feel it is time to give back. I am simply reaching out to people who enjoy the search for truth and want to connect with others also searching for alternative spiritual wisdom and are also on a spiritual quest seeking wisdom. Those who consider themselves into self-help, meditation, the power of affirmation, the power of the law of attraction but who want more and don’t limit their horizons but are open to new wisdom and truth and are seeking more.

Let’s connect! I would love to hear from you!